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AEE's Mission, Vision, and SLOs


Is to develop socially conscious, critical thinkers who are prepared for life beyond high school, college and careers in education, public service and information technology.


AEE is a school where teachers, students, parents and community members work together to unlock student potential and inspire them to make a positive impact on our community.  


1. Effective Communicators

  • Articulate ideas clearly and effectively through oral, written, and artistic expression and creative mean
  • Use technology to access and evaluate information, communicate ideas, and analyze and solve problems.
  • Demonstrate skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and apply them across the curriculum

 2. Collaborative Problem-Solvers

  • Use effective leadership and group skills to solve problems and achieve goals
  • Foster positive interpersonal relationships within diverse settings
  • Contribute and function in various group roles, accepting individual and group responsibilities

 3. Responsible Citizens

  • Demonstrate an understanding and be able to analyze current issues from historic, political, economic, geographic and multicultural perspectives.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the Democratic process
  • Understand, appreciate and respect ideas, attitudes, and values that shape diverse cultures and individual differences.
  • Participate in community, social, civil and cultural service.

 4. Critical Thinkers

  • Work independently to effectively solve problems by employing high-level, critical thinking skills.
  • Identify, assess, analyze, synthesize, use and cite resources and information productively.
  • Make connections and transfer learned skills and concepts throughout the curriculum and beyond.
  • Use self-monitoring skills and reflection to achieve short and long term goals.